Froth Lyfe – Sailing Nandji

Froth Lyfe – Sailing Nandji

We had arrived travelling around Australia inside our bus called Froth. After couple of years of the we thought what next. We are not the type of humans that want a time consuming task, 2.5 kids as well as a white picket fence. So we bought Nandji.

Sailing around australia
Nandji is our Roberts 40 sloop cutter rigged yacht.
We like to everythin about the ocean. I prefer to surf and Bonita enjoys using a crack on those smaller days. We have been both keen divers and love our spearfishing. So living with a yacht cruising type of looked like may idea.
This Youtube channel is about our journey and our life living on Nandji. The world just became a whole lot smaller… Follow us in learning how you can sail and experiencing the ocean whilst exploring the coast of Australia and very soon overseas!

Sailing around australia

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